Health Prediction & Autoimmune Cures

PREDICTION: As a Health Intuitive I see many new autoimmune diseases developing in the future. So make an effort to eat healthy and consciously work on building your immune system.

How? By eating nutrient rich organic foods, taking high quality supplements and ingesting Probiotics which are living organisms called Good Bacteria. They are naturally occurring in yogurts and some cheeses. Cut out the processed foods that are full of chemicals and GMO foods too.

Want or need to bump up your immune system fast? I recommend two things.
VITAL IMMUNE PEPTIDE from Wolf clinic and my Probiotic of choice:
2) Acidophilus 10 billion Live cells (You’ll find these capsules at your local health food store in the refrigerated section.)

Stay Healthy!
~Michelle Whitedove

4.10.15> For Non Dairy Probiotics- Royal Flora is one of the Best Probiotics> read more about it here> / Locally you can purchase IMMUPLEX by Standard Process

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