2015 Celebrity Predictions - The Spiritual and the Scandalous

by Celebrity Psychic & Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove

  • Marrying his Muse

Not that long ago I foresaw JLaw marrying an unknown… well all that changed when she met her Rock Star Soul Mate. Shopping for engagement rings and talking marriage, Chris Martin Cold Play’s front man is totally in love with Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. Psychically I know that he is so smitten that he calls Jennifer his Muse.  Chris feels renewed and he finally knows how grand love can be! He’s ready for marriage number two.  Prediction I see Jennifer pregnant. I see an intimate wedding for them. This is not a rebound romance as Gwyneth Paltrow would like to believe.



  • The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Contrary to reports, they will not be getting a divorce this year. In fact,  I predict that in the future Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi will renew their vows and have a child too. Adamantly they have stated: No Children for Them. Well, mark my words I see a baby in their future! I see them choosing the sperm and Portia will try to conceive.  Post Birth; I predict Portia writing a children’s book and both she and Ellen will jointly do much good for important children’s charities.

>>CORRECT NEWSWEEK Headlines Jan 2016 : Ellen Degeneres Named ‘People’s Choice’ Favorite Humanitarian! Ellen's collaboration and contribution to St. Jude's Children's hospital, whose “mission is to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment.”



  • LeBron the Great

Hometown hero LeBron James has a big heart and a strong moral compass. Psychically I see that he left the Miami Heat out of principal – he left millions on the table because he felt that he would rather give back by returning to Cleveland, Ohio to help his team, community and his people.  LeBron lives his life to be an example to others both off the court and on. I see more humanitarian and charitable acts in his future; already he has done so much more than the public knows. Children’s charities are where his heart is. This good soul leads by example.

>>CORRECT AP NEWS WIRE AUG 2015 LeBron's foundation to spend $41M to send kids to college. Sports News Link <



  • She’s so Fancy and Intuitive too

One of the hottest female rappers Iggy Azalea is destined to have a long career, she was born for fame. Amethyst Amelia Kelly comes from a bloodline of magic and she has the ability to captivate an audience. She will impress the long list of platinum Rappers that I see her working with in the future. Her first love is rap but she will also sing along side of Pop Stars too. In the coming years you will see her evolve into totally different looks much like a chameleon.  Iggy is intuitive but she has not come into her gifts yet.  I see a major crossroad for her. She will be tested by the trappings of life in the fast lane. Thankfully she intuitively feels when to say NO if a situation feels wrong.  Iggy, listen to your spirit guides and angels, let them be your guide.



  • Closer Than Ever

No divorce anytime soon, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are more committed than ever. Right now Brad is worried about Angie’s health, her weight and her immune system. I predict hospitalization for her in 2015. As I have predicted before Angelina has plans for a voluntary hysterectomy to keep female cancer at bay. I see that she has put those surgery plans on the back burner for now; she waivers on the timing because she still wants another biological child with Brad and she’s worried how menopause will affect her. Mark my words they will add to their family with another child, biological or adopted and she will have the hysterectomy sometime in the future.

>>CORRECT: Mar 24, 2015 · Actress Angelina Jolie has had surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to cut cancer risk

Both Brad and Angie are Agnostic; some say Atheist.  Clairvoyantly I see that it’s  because they see such a lack of love and light. They can’t conceive of a God that would allow the atrocities that they have witnessed as they travel to war torn areas and also experience the plight of starving children around the globe. But the joke is on them, they live a life of helping others with generous humanitarian acts and have a great love for the innocent both women and children. At the end of their days when they cross over into Heaven they will have an amazing life review for fulfilling their spiritual contracts, their mission, purpose and making a great impact in the lives of so many.



  • Spiritual Girl

Such a beautiful soul Beyonce’ has a strong belief in God; she prays regularly and always tries to take the high road.  She prefers to surround herself with positive people.  This year she gave JayZ an ultimatum: Get right with me, get right with God. If he’s smart he’ll stop playing with the ladies and stay with Queen Bey. They are better together because they are soul mates and a power couple. I predict an unplanned second child; any time now Mr. and Mrs. Carter will be pregnant.  They will do much humanitarian work in the future.

>>CORRECT UK NEWS Headline: Beyonce and Jay Z 'have had silent SEPARATIONS' amid cheating claims, says cousin Shanica Knowles


  • Bruce Jenner Exploring his Options

Everyone wants to know what’s really going on with Bruce Jenner? Here are my psychic insights. Early in their relationship Kris Kardashian and Bruce would role play in the bedroom to spice things up.  They would switch roles and he would dress up as a female. After a while Bruce enjoyed playing the role of a seductive woman and became comfortable with cross dressing. Bruce is a good man and now that he is single he’s testing the waters. He does not want to have sex with men so he’s not bi-curious. Spiritually speaking its important to know that a person’s sexual preference is merely that… a preference. Bruce only loves women and he likes the feminine aspects of himself.  I see him taking female hormones although currently he has not decided if he wants to go further with any sexual reassignment surgery.  One of humanities last prejudices is sexual orientation…lets learn to release our judgment.

>>CORRECT April 24, 2015 Bruce Jenner did a 2 hour interview with Diane Sawyer validating his sexual preference as predicted.



  • Touched by an Angel

From the Heavens the torch has been passed from Maya Angelou to Oprah.  I see that Maya is working with Oprah as her Spirit Guide.  Now her deals are more about the spiritual and moral principles than cold hard cash. Oprah is moving forward with OWN and she plans on educating the world though her media influence, Spiritual based programming, positive shows, her good works – Charity and more good deeds. Maya is smiling from Heaven!



  • Good Girl Jessica

Songstress Jessica Simpson is so happy with her little family. She and hubby Eric Johnson are wealthy in so many ways because they are truly in love. I see that she has no immediate plans to tour even though she is feeling pressure from her family to get back to her musical roots. Jessica is content with the income that her clothing line and other branding provides and it allows her to be immersed in raising her children. I predict a third child coming too.  Brought up as a preacher’s daughter, Jessica hasn’t ever gotten over the betrayal of her father.   I see that she is still estranged and at odds with her dad Joe because she sees him as the ultimate hypocrite; a lifetime of lies keep revealing themselves to her. In business dealings, family life and personal relations so much of Joe’s life has been exposed as a web of deceit.  Jessica will never trust him again, nor should she.

>>CORRECT NOV 2015 Court Documents reveal: Jessica and her dad were slapped with a $12 million dollar lawsuit, after Joe allegedly defaulted on a promised finders fee for the sale of her fashion brand - of which Joe no longer involved


           ---------The Shocking Truth----------

  • Who would have Thunk it?

2014 was the year of truth and yes Bill Cosby is guilty of the many sexual abuses and misconduct that he is accused of - May he get the Karma that he deserves!



  • Scandalous Teresa and Joe Giudice!

What’s in the future for reality table flipper Teresa Giudice and husband Joe of RHONJ on Bravo TV?  Scandalous as ever Teresa is scheming and plotting pre-prison. I predict that Teresa Giudice and husband Joe have been feverishly trying to make a baby.  She feels that if she is pregnant, her prison stay will be less harsh because she will receive special treatment. Selfish as always, she has learned nothing. I see that Teresa will do 12 months of the 15 months that she was sentenced. Teresa and Joe will remain together throughout their duel incarceration and early releases.

>>>CORRECT Teresa Giudice was released on 12-23-2015 and she began her sentence on January 5, 2015. As I predicted, Teresa did 12 months our of her 15 month prison sentence.
>>> It's true! Teresa and Joe were trying to have a baby before she went in prison and now in 2016 Joe and Teresa Giudice are trying to get pregnant before Joe's prison sentence begins.

 I predict that Joe Giudice will not be deported as threatened by the Feds. In prison he will work the system to his advantage by enrolling in RDAP: Residential Drug and Alcohol Program. RDAP is a voluntary, nine to twelve month program of therapy for federal prisoners with substance abuse problems. Completing the program can sometimes reduce prison time.  I foresee Joe doing at least 2 years or about 24 months of his 41 month Federal prison sentence

NOTE 2018 Teresa‘s husband Joe was  transferred to a Pennsylvania prison in November after he filed a suit alleging that he was being barred from an alcohol abuse treatment program that would shave a year off his sentence.that would shave a year off his sentence.
March 23, 2016. Joe enters prison
>>Correct Mar 2016 Giudice tells People Magazine "that he plans to make the most of his prison time by focusing on a “rehabilitation” program for alcohol. That, he says, along with other programs would likely shorten his sentence. “A lot of programs knock 10 days off a month. So, whatever programs are available, ” 
>>CORRECT: As of Feb 2016, headlines read: Teresa Begs Her Hard-Drinking Husband Joe To Go To Rehab — ‘I Want Him To Do A Program’  / They are now familiar with in-Prison programs that will reduce prison time.

They will not divorce during this time.

- REVISED Prediction 12/13/15 because Teresa will find out about Joe's cheating while she is in prison: she will divorce him! See further details in my 2016 Celeb Predictions.


  • Great Career but can she keep it?

In 2015 party boy Justin Bieber will be poison for Selena Gomez. She is at an important junction in life; either she will pull herself together or she will be the next sad starlet with addictions that dictate her life. If this happens I predict a career loss like Lindsay Lohan. The choice is hers.

>> CORRECT Sept 2016 Selena Gomez canceled 34 remaining dates on her Revival world tour and goes to a rehab facility   Us Weekly confirms  that the pop star, 24, has been recovering at a Tennessee treatment facility since August 30 that she was taking a break to manage “anxiety, panic attacks and depression.”

Written Dec 12, 2014 by Celebrity Psychic and Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove named America’s #1 Psychic by Lifetime TV. See Whitedove in action https://www.youtube.com/user/MichelleWhitedove
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