2013 Celebrity Predictions

2013 and Beyond Predictions - What's in the Stars!
by Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove  

Prince William and Kate
I predict that this will be a very difficult pregnancy for Princess Kate. I ask that everyone send their prayers, love and healing thoughts to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I ask that the world respect their privacy during this time as Kate's health is fragile and she deserves the love and support. I predict that this child will be a girl and then the second child will be a boy.

Prediction: Princess Kate will be favored by the Queen Mother. She and Prince William will be next in line for the throne. Kate will follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana, but will succeed even further. Kate is good soul who is very compassionate and wants to help those that are less fortunate. William and Kate are truly soul mates and when they leave this planet the world will weep.

>>CORRECT Oct 2015 Favored by the Queen, Princess Kate is seated next to the President of China at the State dinner. This is a telling sign that she and William are next in line for the throne. Charles and Camilla were not required to attend!

Note: Kate gave birth to Prince George of Cambridge, then Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
As I write this 12/6/2012, I see that they are arranging their wedding. They ARE getting married; they promised their children and made a commitment to each other. I predict the wedding will be very private and held in secret: I see it during the Holidays.

In 2013, I predict that Angelina will gear up for more movies. Brad will step back and be more family minded. After they marry, he will do more writing and producing. Brad will be more behind the scenes - much like Clint Eastwood's career. Brad's other focus will be humanitarian projects for the needy and poverty stricken: funding, building and fund raise too. He will be the catalyst to get other A list celebrities involved in good works. I also see that Angie will coax Brad into another adoption and working with an orphanage or building one. They are scoring brownie points in Heaven for all of their humanitarian deeds and the money that give to these charitable projects.

Correct Brad stepped up to take on more family responsibility when Angelina decided to do a preventive double mastectomy on February 16, 2013, at age 37.

Correct Aug 2014 Brad and Angie married because their children wanted it.

Tyler Perry
I see that Tyler Perry is a man of God. He is a humble humanitarian doing work for children. I predict continued success with Tyler Perry. and his movies with positive messages. This is his true mission and calling. Tyler will not marry in this life. He is truly a gentle giant.

> CORRECT OCT 2014 Christian Post News - Tyler Perry is not getting married and Fans Criticize Perry's Christian Values After He Announces He Is Expecting Child With Girlfriend Out of Wedlock (PS. God does not consider marriage as a piece of paper)

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Forget the break-up rumors, I predict that the Twilight stars will be married in 2013 and I see a pregnancy too! Kristen will take many types of roles; she is much more diverse than she is given credit. My prediction for Rob, he will continue to be a sought after star and box office draw.

>CORRECT Kristen Stewart takes many diverse movie roles although she decided not to marry Rob.
Robert Pattinson continues to be a sought after star and box office draw

Paris Jackson
Michael Jacksons first born will follow in her father's footsteps. I predict that Paris Jackson will go on to become a multi-gifted star: modeling, movies, and singing. Michael taught her well, she is humble and yet very talented. She is truly a good person and she will stand up for what is right. Eventually, Paris will go up against the family for control of Michael's legacy and estate.

>>CORRECT May 2017 USA Today - 19 year old Paris Jackson's big year just got bigger with news of her movie debut !
>> CORRECT People Magazine reports May 2017 Paris Jackson is having the best year ever. The daughter of Michael Jacksonmade her red carpet debut this January, signed with IMG Models in March and just landed her very first movie role starring alongside Charlize Theron. And as if all that’s not impressive enough, she just signed a multimillion dollar modeling contractwith Calvin Klein. #ParisJackson Is the New Face of Calvin Klein #modeling.

Barack Obama
I predict that President Obama will do good things for the pro-choice movement, same sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana. His presidency is mostly ineffective when it comes to Jobs and the US economy. He's a man of eloquent speeches; not a man of action. I see that his security team has again increased. His life is in grave danger.

>>CORRECT June 2015 President Obama called the Supreme Court decision requiring states to recognize same-sex marriage "a victory for America." "Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle that we are all created equal. The project of each generation is to bridge the meaning of those founding words with the realities of changing times," he said
>>CORRECT US Economy:
Main Street left in shambles as Wall Street surges under Obama

Lady Gaga
In 2013 Lady Gaga has an identity crisis but she will continue to bang out the hits! She's a diva and a chameleon and will do whatever it takes to continue her success. I predict that she will do more branding and product lines and this will make more money than her music. I see that she is over scheduled and this will lead to a health crisis and hospitalization in 2013: there's an autoimmune disease and drug use and a suicide likely in the coming years. Like many great artists, she falls into depression about her talent.

>> CORRECT: Lady Gaga admits to suicidal thoughts, mental health medication and her health crisis surgery and deep depression in 2013

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
In 2013 Selena Gomez will split with Justin Bieber. His next serious romance will be will a blonde starlet. I predict that Justin Bieber will constantly reinvent himself as he gets older. In his future I see music, movies, producing and clothing lines too much like Justin Timberlake. It's a Bieber world.

>> CORRECT 2018 Justin Bieber marries Hailey Rhode Baldwin a blonde model and television personality. She is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin
>>CORRECT 2016 Beiber acts in his first movie ZOOLANDER
>>CORRECT Justin Beiber drops a Clothing Line at Forever 21 - Seventeen Magazine reports
>>CORRECT Bieber and Gomez split

Russell Brand
When I look into his soul I see that he's a genius, a mad scientist, a court jester and Rock and Roll Jesus - that's a lot of personalities for one body! In 2013 I predict a super successful world tour for Russell Brand with his humorous social commentary filled with global consciousness and preaching love. I also see a scandalous relationship: a quick marriage or a runaway groom scenario. I predict a baby out of wedlock by someone that wants to use his fame and fortune. He's uber smart but Love and Drugs are his weakness. I see Rehab for Russell in 2013 also. 

>>Correct 2016 Russell Brand has daughter Mabel with Laura Gallache
>>CORRECT 2013 - Russell Brand used comedy to incite a political reform on his sucessful "Messiah Complex" world tour

NOTE: Glad to see that "Rehab for Russell in 2013" was him getting funded & launching a non-profit project called Freehab, a no-cost, 12-step drug rehabilitation program in CA

Johnny Depp
2013 is a year of midlife crisis for Johnny Depp. His career takes a bit of a nose dive because he is bored with his odd-ball character roles. He feels he's played out. This year is about enjoying the earthly pleasures, girls, girls, and more girls. I predict that Johnny Depp will father a child with a fling.

CORRECT, Sadly in 2013 Johnny Depp suffered a box office disaster in the starring role of Tonto in The Lone Ranger.
Johnny Depp's friends worried and report Midlife crisis with Amber ; they Married and divorced 12 months later after an explosive relationship

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Halle wants out of the rat race, she wants to move out of the country and raise her daughter far away from Hollywood. In 2013 she will marry Olivier Martinez and with this new marriage she will become very selective with her movie roles. I see Berry and Martinez with a new addition to their family in the future.

>CORRECT: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez married and had a baby boy in 2013.

John Travolta
2013 will be a comeback year for John; he's ready to perform again! 2013-2014 I predict that the family will grow with another child.

> CORRECT John Travolta and Kelly Preston had tried for another child for three years, so the surprise news last year that Preston was pregnant left them “completely blown away!” Baby Benjamin Travolta Arrived!

Marie Osmond
Unfortunately Marie Osmond cannot bear the loss of her son and her career in Hollywood has not gone as planned. The joy has gone out of her life. I see that she is in a deep, deep depression, bipolar and on suicide watch. Marie could leave this earth before her time. Pray for her.

>CORRECT IN 2013 Marie Osmond promoted her new book THE KEY IS LOVE and she discusses the challenges of motherhood, depression, the loss of her son and the supporting her daughter that came out at 17

Andy Cohen
He's spreading his wings and branching out. I predict a prime time talk show for Bravo executive Andy Cohen 2013-2014.

>>CORRECT Andy Cohen's THEN AND NOW gets second season! Host Andy along with various guests, discuss "the most influential trends and events". 2015 Season 1, 2017 Season 2!
>>CORRECT ANDY Gets a Prime Time Show

Whoopi Goldberg
I predict that 2013 will be a great year for Whoopi. I see her producing comedies and educating the poverty stricken from behind the scenes. There's no diva here, Whoopi likes to be treated like a normal person, she's down to Earth and humble. Go Whoopi!

>>CORRECT Produced and Directed Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley, a Comedy Documentary film which first aired on HBO Nov. 2013. Highly acclaimed this documentary was nominated for two Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the 66th ceremony held on August 16, 2014 and Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special and Outstanding Narrator Whoopi Goldberg.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Tom has already made a decision to go for custody of Suri, the plot has already begun. I predict that Katie and Tom will be back in court and he will stop at nothing to have Suri by his side...he might even denounce his religion. This will be an epic legal battle but public opinion will be with Katie. After all she left him so that Suri would not be brainwashed with Scientology and Katie will spend her last dollar fighting him. She out maneuvered Tom before lets pray that she can do it again. Katie has balls and her popularity will skyrocket to Tom's dismay.

Bette Midler
2013 is Bette's year! I predict that she will be working towards her own TV talk show. I'm seeing more movies and a new CD coming too! 

>>CORRECT 2013 was a great year per Wikipedia " In 2013, Midler performed on Broadway for the first time in more than 30 years in a play titled I'll Eat You Last: After the show's success in New York recouping its initial $2.4 million investment it was decided to show the play in Los Angeles. THEN "in December 2013, it was announced that Midler would portray Mae West in an HBO Movie Biography, Also Midler formed and plans to release an all-girl group album at the end of 2014, It was announced on September 23, 2014, that Midler would be releasing her 25th overall album, It's the Girls!, "

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written Dec. 6, 2012

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