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LILY DALE NY | Season Highlight

  • 5 Melrose Dr, lily dale, ny 14752 usa (map)
Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove Lily Dale Event on stage.jpg

An Evening with Michelle Whitedove

A talk with Audience Messages

Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove is a world-class spiritual medium who has been featured on Television around the Globe.   As a spiritual teacher and author it is her goal to educate humanity and share her gifts.

Spend the day enjoying all of the special things to do in Lily Dale;

Then join Whitedove at 7pm for an inspiring talk with messages from the Heavens. You’ll learn what REALLY happens when our loved ones die. At the age of 18, Michelle was involved in a fatal car accident where she lost family and a friend.  The paramedics arrived and pulled her from the car. As they worked on her broken body, she could feel her life-force drain away. She heard the paramedics say “We’re losing her”.   That day she died, her soul hovered over the accident scene before being drawn towards the bright light of heaven. There she was greeted by her angels and family but she was told that she had to return to Earth – she had much work to do and an amazing story to tell.

Gifted since childhood, Michelle has always known that death is not the end; it’s the birth of our soul back into the Heavens. Our Earthly life is just special moment in our eternal journey. Through her own NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE and her direct connection to Heaven, Michelle will reveal: 

·  How does the soul leave the body?
·  Do our loved ones go directly to Heaven?
·  Can our loved ones hang around for a while?

·  Who greets us in heaven?
·  Do we have a life review or judgment day?
·  Are loved ones allowed to give direct messages from Heaven?

·  5 Common signs that your loved ones are around

>>>MESSAGES: During the last hour, Michelle will demonstrate her abilities and give random audience messages. So come prepared with a specific question that you want answered OR bring a recent photograph of a loved one living or deceased (the eyes must be visible in the pic). Michelle works as a spiritual-medium, psychic life coach and futurist. Please know that Michelle does not edit the information that she is given, so only ask a question if you are prepared to hear the direct messages from the Heavens.

A book signing will follow this event

BIO: Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove, an expert in her field, she has been featured on: ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS TV, and NPR Radio to discuss the reality of authentic spirit communication. Lifetime TV named her America’s #1 Psychic after showcasing her supernatural abilities on TV. Whitedove was featured in the HBO documentary NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE and interviewed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show. She was on BRAVO TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker as an Expert Medium helping the host discover information about a deceased relative.   Whitedove is on European TV in Sixth Sense International a prestigious TV show about world renowned psychics and their specialized abilities.

LOCATION: Lily Dale Auditorium
COST:  $50 per person
SEASON HIGHLIGHT: Tickets Available Now

Any questions please call Michelle Whitedove's office 954-981-2828

(posted 12-8-2017)

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