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Journey of the Soul

with Celebrity Psychic & Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove

You're Invited to join me for my new Four Week Course on Mee Mee TV
NEW DATES: Tuesday nights: Feb 23, March 1, 8, 15, 2016 for just $79
 TIME: 9pm-10:30 ET / 8pm-9:30 CT / 7pm-8:30 MT / 6pm-7:30 PT / 2am GMT   

Live Streaming and Archived too!

Live Streaming and Archived too!

JOURNEY OF THE SOUL: Author and Metaphysical Teacher Michelle Whitedove answers the big questions:  Why are we here? What really happens when a loved one dies? What is that transition like? Do they experience pain? What are Soul Contracts? Is there a Judgement day like some religions teach? Is reincarnation fact or fiction?  In Heaven, what do we do for eternity? Where do our pets go when they die? World Religions teach bits and pieces of the truth; although Michelle has experienced the grandeur of Heaven during a remarkable NDE (Near Death Experience) she was sent back to Earth to finish her mission. And she teaches that each of us came here with a long list of things to learn and accomplish.  Join America’s #1 Psychic Medium for this inspirational course: Journey of the Soul & receive a Message too!


  • Create an account on or Sign in if you have one. Then pay for your class.
  • Set a MeeMee Class Reminder. On the day of the class just log in to watch and participate. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are a iPhone/MAC user – please download Chrome as your browser for this event. PC Users: Chrome or Fire Fox are recommended ( DON’T use Safari or Internet Explorer they don’t interface with this video stream )



  • $79 for 4 weeks
  • All classes will be archived for 30 days – just in case you missed one or want to watch again.


  •  Four Tuesday nights: Feb 23rd and Tues March 1, 8, 15th Plus Michelle will be giving some messages!
  • 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific / 2am Weds UK time
  •  For other time zones, use this time zone converter link:
    (Classes are at 6pm Miami, Florida Time)  

This is an interactive Spiritual Development Class and you can type into the online chat box to ask questions during the class. During the LAST class you can use your video camera for messages.

You can learn more about the teachings of Michelle's Whitedove's in her books ANGELS ARE TALKING & SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS

 Any questions, please call our office at (954) 981-2828 (EST)



Earlier Event: February 20
Later Event: March 1
ON-LINE Web Class w/Messages