Lily Dale, NY   Sat August 22 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
with Rev. Anne Gehman & Michelle Whitedove

Psychometry with B. Anne Gehman
Psychometry is sometimes called “soul sensing”, which in essence is sensing the soul of an object. Through extending the five physical senses, one can develop and use psychometry to interpret information about the history and emotions of an object.

Seeing Auras with Michelle Whitedove
Join Michelle Whitedove for this informative workshop and learn how you can train yourself to see Auras

BONUS: During the last hour Anne and Michelle will be giving random audience messages as Spirit guides them. You may bring a photo of a loved one either living or deceased for Michelle. (She must be able to see the eyes)

A book signing by B. Anne Gehman and Michelle Whitedove will follow this event

Cost $95     For more info and Tickets:  Sat. Aug 22nd

During this Weekend, Michelle Whitedove may be conducting in-person readings. Please call her office if interested. $350 / $600 on her READINGS PAGE for more detailed information or call her office 954.981.2828