2012 Celebrity Predictions

by Psychic Michelle Whitedove

My friends and fans always ask questions about their favorite celebrities so here is an exclusive video update (Video no longer available)  for whats in store for: Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Will and Jada Smith, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, WWE Champ The Undertaker, and More!

Celebrity Predictions for 2012

Lady GAGA: 2012 will be her biggest year yet. Please pray for her health, I see major health issues: lupus, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, dehydration and ultimately an untimely tragic death unless she changes the course that she is on. 

Correct; Feb 2012 gaga was diagnosed with synovtis which was brought on by her faulty immune system. her tour was cancelled and she was hospitalized for hip surgery

Kim Kardashian: Kim rushed into the marriage with Kris Humphries. She was in love and her biologic clock is ticking - she wanted the marriage to work. There will be a new marriage for her in 2013 and she will have children right away. I see that Kim protects one child from the limelight of celebrity but interesting enough - the other child she will encourage .

correct: kim found her next husband soon after filing for divorce, although kris humphries prolonged the divorce decree until June 3, 2013. as predicted she moved quickly, baby north west was born june 15, 2013. she worked hard to get her body back; in OCt 2013 Kim & Kanye were engaged.

About the 20.5-carat diamond ring; Kim does not want to give the ring back, she feels that she is entitled to the ring. Why? Because some of her money was invested into the relationship and the ring. Kris Kardashian, the Momanager will try to talk Kim into give back the ring for appearance sake only. She doesn't want the fans upset with Kim. It's a close call, but I think she will give the ring back.

CORRECT: christies auctioned the ring for KRis humphries which sold for $749,000.

Britney Spears: Will marry Jason Trawick in 2012 and I see that in the future - they will have more than one child together. Britney will come out with another album and tour, but as soon as she starts to create a new family she will pull back from public life and focus on family. In 2013 she will be released from her conservatorship. I see that Britney Spears will star in a comedy movie. In a few years, Britney will come out with a huge statement and a book to talk about her breakdown and will do talk shows to promote her book. She wants the truth to come out and she wants to help others by discussing her experience. NOTE: Dec 16, 2011 Britney Spears and Jason announced their engagement.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Ellen's daytime talk show will continue to be a success. Ellen will go back to the stage and do Comedy. I also see her getting offered a movie. Ellen and Portia will go through in vitro fertilization to have children together. They are very much in love and a committed couple.

Will & Jada Smith: Even with rumors of cheating, Will and Jada will not be divorcing. They are family minded even though they have a non-traditional marriage; they allow each other to have sexual relationships outside of their marriage. Jada's extracurricular relationships will only make her more popular in Hollywood, it will actually help her career not hurt it.

WWE The Undertaker: will not even consider retirement, he's an adrelyn junkie. He must be more careful because I see a tragic accident in his energy. I see an accident in the ring, The Undertaker will suffer a broken neck and I'm not sure that he will survive.

Near miss; april 2014 the undertaker was rushed from the ring to the hospital for a neck injury

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Demi will give Ashton one more opportunity before she goes though with a divorce. They do really love each other, but it's not enough, the age difference / maturity difference is too great.

CORRECT: MAY 2012 Demi and ashton made several visits to rabbi yehuda berg to work things out. dec 2012 ashton filed for divorce.


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