Anna Nicole Inquest (Updated 2009)

By Michele Whitedove

Fort Lauderdale, FL- This drama is not going to end anytime soon. My predictions posted on the day of Anna's Feb. 8th death still stand. (see BLOG) Today I would like to add more insights/predictions about Anna Nicole that are facts.

The official investigators into Anna's death will work towards holding those around her responsible indirectly for her death: Howard, the Private Nurse, Dr Kapoor, and psychiatrist Kristine Eroshevich.
CORRECT: (Mar. 2009) Lawyer and Two Doctors are Charged.

More psychic insights into Anna death:

  • Anna had a very high drug tolerance. So normal dosages would not affect her.
  • She had a nasty temper when she did not get her drugs.
  • Since her son's death, Howard and her psychiatrist Kristine Eroshevich had Anna on a suicide watch.
  • Anna would be fine for a while, and then start crying for Daniel and taking extreme amounts of drugs to numb her pain, postpartum depression, & guilt.
  • Howard hired a private nurse because he was trying to save Anna. Save her from herself. The nurse was hired to baby sit Anna in Howard's absence and to administer her meds properly. Howard loved Anna very much.
  • On the day of her death, Anna was not being honest with her nurse. Anna took a strong cocktail of pills that she had stashed unbeknownst to the nurse. Then insisted that the nurse administer her medication that was on a schedule. The nurse injected her. This was the final blow, the fatal combination that caused the respiratory system then heart to shut down. As I stated in my February 8th BLOG, Anna died from an accidental overdose. (See BLOG)
  • Anna was dead much earlier than it was made public. Howard did not see Anna some gossip magazines reported.

I also feel that:

  • As with any addict, Anna Nicole was not honest with herself, her son, Howard, or her medical caregivers about the amount prescription drugs that she was taking.
  • In the end, Dr. Kapoor will loose his license to practice medicine in the USA.
  • Howard has already has completed the DNA testing, unbeknownst to the other party. Legal deals are being wrangled in the background based on the knowledge of the DNA proof of fatherhood.
  • The accusations made by Anna Nicole about her childhood including Virgie, her mothers physical and mental abuse, and being raped by her father were all TRUE. And happened more than once.
  • If Dannielynn is taken from Howard he will continue to fight for her and the millions due to her.
    CORRECT: (Mar. 2009) Fighting for Dannielynn's Millions

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove