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Celebrity psychic Michelle Whitedove is a world-class medium whose mission is to empower humanity as a spiritual teacher and visionary. She gains her greatest satisfaction as a medical intuitive assisting with medical mysteries and working with children. Below you will find important Psychic Insights, predictions, and reflections on her projects. Whitedove has been featured on TV around the globe, and is the author of six books.

    I believe that knowledge and foresight is power. As a group, once we know the path that we are on, we can make corrections and then make better choices. Our choices are important-they create our future both individually and as a mass consciousness. ~ Michelle Whitedove

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written January 2015
Psychic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
Shattered Illusions by Michelle Whitedove

December 12th, 2014
2015 Celebrity Predictions
by Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove

December 17th, 2013
2014 Celebrity Predictions
by Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove

December 6th, 2012
2013 Celebrity Predictions
by Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Psychic Election Predictions 2012
Michelle Whitedove gives her Prediction

November 16th, 2011
Psychic Predictions 2012 Year of the Dragon
Michelle Whitedove Predictions for 2012 and beyond

November 6th, 2011
Celebrity Predictions for 2012
by Psychic Michelle Whitedove

April 28th, 2011
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate
Psychic Insights and Video
May 2012 UPDATED

In OM Times Magazine Feb 13, 2011
Water: The Most Powerful Element
Michelle Whitedove predicted the Japan Tsunami

Jan 10th, 2011
Celebrity Predictions 2011-2012

Nov 19th, 2010
Ronni Chasen - Murder for Hire
TV Psychic Reveals Motive

Nov 12th, 2010
Psychic Predictions 2011 Year of the Rabbit
Michelle Whitedove's Predictions for 2011 and 2012

Sept 7th, 2010
Psychic Detective Correct - Police Wrong
DNA Proves Jerry Hobbs Innocent, local Boy the Killer

June 28, 2010
The Quickening
2012 Mayan Calendar reveals...

June 8, 2010
Fire in the SKY
a Massive Solar Storm

Written May 26th, 2010
Boycott BP
For Destroying Our Oceans

Written April 6th, 2010
HBO Documentary with Whitedove
“No one dies in Lily Dale”

Written November 20th, 2009
2010 Psychic Predictions
The Year of the Tiger + CONFIRMATIONS

Written Sept 9th, 2009
The New Gold Rush
For Serious Investors Only

Psychic Answers: Where have the Honey bees gone?
Genetically Modified Plants Affect All Living Creatures

Written June 18th, 2009
What would Edgar Cayce do?
Insights on Economic Trials

Written Nov 25th, 2008
Endometriosis and Infertility
Medical Intuitive Insights

Written Nov 17th, 2008
The Children are our Future
The highly evolved Indigo Children

Written July 11, 2008
Fibromyalgia Remedy
A Medical Mystery Solved

December 1, 2007
Hello To You!!
From America's Top Psychic

September, 13th 2007
Psychic Idol

September, 2007
Are Ghosts Real?
A spiritual point of view.

February 20th, 2007
Psychic Detective Update
Loic Rogers and Family

February 1st, 2007
Psychic Detective is Correct
Sad Tragedy for 3 Year-Old

August 2006
A Vision from the Whales

Saturday, April 2, 2005
Is suicide the answer?


Monday, February 22, 1999
The New Millennium 2/99


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